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Our Scrap Metal Removal Service starts at $79

Anyone who wants to dispose of scrap metals is often faced with a challenging and annoying task. The proper disposal of these metals is of great importance today. A growing awareness of our environment, rising raw material prices, and increasing consumption of metals by newly industrializing countries are making the recycling of such materials more and more critical. We will provide you with a few tips on how to dispose of your scrap metals in the easiest way possible:

What constitutes scrap metal?

Waste from bronze, steel, lead, copper, and other mixed metals is called scrap metal. The most common objects are wires, copper cables, rain gutters, and nails. But also bedsteads, the old barbecue in the garden or bicycles are among them. Particularly with the dissolution of households, scrap metals naturally accumulate. Here, in particular, devices in the kitchen, for example, pots and pans, are scrap metals that need to be removed.

What does not belong to the scrap metal?

There are also many objects that are made of metal as well but do not belong to scrap metals. Here the question arises where the respective objects are to be disposed of. This includes televisions, refrigerators, and computers as well as other electronic devices. Before these end up in the scrap metal, they have to be dismantled, because beside nominal scrap metals often also precious metals are used. These must also be recycled separately. But there are even more objects made of metal that must not be disposed of as scrap metal. These are usually pressure vessels such as gas cylinders. They could be crushed during the recycling process and then explode. In addition to electrical appliances and pressure vessels, batteries are also among the most prominent takeovers of scrap metal. These have to be collected and recycled separately because their contents are toxic.

Away Today Today and the correct disposal of scrap metal

It is about reducing waste and achieving green and circular standards. The correct disposal of scrap metal plays a large part in the ecological footprint of everybody. Away Today is specialized in collecting and disposing of scrap metal responsibly and cost-effectively. It is clear to us that every customer has individual needs. We adapt flexibly to their time window, advise each customer individually and deal professionally with their scrap metal disposal. Our scrap metal removal service starts from $79 with an honest and credible upfront price calculation and ends with the most sustainable disposal.

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